In the last few years Oracle’s iPaaS offerings have progressed significantly from one or two solutions such as Mobile Cloud Service to in excess of 35 offerings. This makes it challenging to decide which product(s) to use. The means for selection depends upon a range of factors including:

  • Most suitable licensing model (ICS provides a lower cost of entry than SOA CS as you’re paying by message volumes)
  • Development skills and desire to resilience or invest in people (SOA on-premises to SOA CS is easier than a technology change such as ICS)
  • The amount of control you have in an environment – JCS offers more control than ACCS for example

This is in addition the technical features that the different products offer. In terms of capability, Oracle iPaaS products can overlap, but better than having gaps. Not only is there overlap, you can achieve the same results with one or more products. Obviously, the permutation that provides the least amount of overlap is likely  to provide the best value in terms of investment.  To help see and understand this we have in the past used a visualisation such as the one shown below which helps evaluate these considerations.

Oracle PaaS options overlayed
It is worth saying that this visualisation has been subjectively constructed, and as products evolve over time it is only true for a limited period of time. Never the less it is helpful in reviewing options, and explaining product recommendations.

You can also see the animated view of this presentation version here.